Steps in the dismantling of Darfur's IDP camps

Eric Reeves | May 4, 2017
Another brutal threat from elements of Darfur's "militia state": where is UNAMID? Why has there been no condemnation by the international "community" of this extortionate tactic, part of Khartoum's larger ambition of dismantling the camps for displaced persons?
Gunmen threaten to torch South Darfur camp Radio Dabanga, May 3 ​, ​ 2017 | MERSHING, SOUTH DARFUR
Militants have threatened to storm and torch Keila Camp in Mershing locality in South Darfur unless the inhabitants pay compensation for livestock the gunmen claim to have lost. One of the displaced residents of the camp told Radio Dabanga that they sought help of the locality police, but the militants threatened the police and gave the displaced an ultimatum until Saturday to return 40 cattle or the cash equivalent, or they would pillage and burn the camp.
[This is now a common tactic of extortion directed against helpless displaced populations in Darfur by Arab militia elements; such extortionate actions are gross violations of international humanitarian law, and Khartoum does nothing to stop them, and may well be encouraging them as part of a long-announced ambition to dismantle the IDP camps-ER]
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