South Sudan—One step away from famine; sustained and urgent humanitarian assistance needed‏


4.6 million human beings are food insecure in South SudanHundreds of thousands of have reached the UN's "Level 4" or "Emergency Status," and the rainy season and "hunger gap" have just begun.  The next step is "Level 5," "Famine/Catastrophe." (See UN Food Insecurity Map:


Many more are poised to move into these categories without additional humanitarian relief aid. Save the Children is working hard to sustain such relief to the children in South Sudan, one third of whom are badly malnourished in the worst-hit areas. Please contribute to Save the Children directly |   ...  or through purchase of a woodturning from my on-line gallery | (all proceeds from all sales go to Save the Children earmarked for their work in South Sudan).

If famine comes to South Sudan, we know all too well what it will look like ...




Above two photographs by James Nachtwey

Malnourished mother and child at a supplementary feeding station run by the UN WFP (World Food Programme). The 1998 famine in Southern Sudan affected around 2.6 million people. In the worst-hit region of Bahr el Ghazal, most of the people at risk of starvation were from the Dinka tribe.


​                                                 Many children will starve alone...


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