Risks and Prevention in Sudan

Sudan - general

Obama Administration Special Envoys for Sudan: A Succession of Failure, Duplicity, and Cynicism,   Eric Reeves   | 24 Nov 2016
Massive Funding Shortages Leave a Vast Population at Risk in Darfur, South Kordofan, and Blue Nile—and a modest suggestion for helping,   Eric Reeves   | 21 Nov 2016
"Sudan in the Wake of a Trump Victory" The Huffington Post,   Eric Reeves   | 15 Nov 2016
U.S. Sanctions Against Khartoum Renewed by Obama—but his State Department works hard to minimize the significance of his action ,   Eric Reeves   | 01 Nov 2016
“Khartoum Has Used Chemical Weapons since 1999”: Overview published by al-Hurriyat (in Arabic) of my recent commentary on chemical weapons use,   Eric Reeves   | 04 Oct 2016
Diplomatic Incoherence: Thabo Mbeki’s Gift to the People of Darfur, South Kordofan, and Blue Nile,   Eric Reeves   | 05 Aug 2016
State Department Dishonesty and Incompetence on Sudan: Sometimes Indistinguishable, Always Consequential,   Eric Reeves   | 21 Jul 2016
"The International Embrace of Khartoum: Causes and Consequences for Greater Sudan," by Eric Reeves | SOAS/University of London, June,   Eric Reeves   | 10 Jun 2016
“The International Embrace of Khartoum: Causes and Consequences for Greater Sudan,” School for Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London, June 7, 2-16,   Eric Reeves   | 10 Jun 2016
“Why Can’t the Obama Administration Speak Honestly About Sudan?” Huffington Post, July 5, 2016,   Eric Reeves   | 05 Jun 2016
The International Embrace of Khartoum’s Genocidal Regime: A synopsis in Sudan Tribune,   Eric Reeves   | 28 May 2016
Germany/EU to build camps for "concentrating" potential African refugees...in Sudan‏,   Eric Reeves   | 16 May 2016
Alex de Waal declares Omar al-Bashir Worthy of a “Nobel Prize in Financial Management”—Irony or Perverse Self-congratulation?‏,   Eric Reeves   | 08 May 2016
Bipartisan Group of 120 U.S. Lawmakers Call on President Obama to Keep Sudan Humanitarian Crisis a High Priority‏,   Eric Reeves   | 04 May 2016


“They Bombed Everything that Moved”: Aerial military attacks on civilians and humanitarians in Sudan, 1999 – 2011 (updated),   Eric Reeves   | 11 Nov 2016
Dying in Darfur: It has never stopped (update) ,   Eric Reeves   | 08 Nov 2016
Members of Congress Sign a Bipartisan Letter Raising Alarm on Worsening Situation in Sudan,   Eric Reeves   | 03 Nov 2016
On the Invisibility of Darfur: Causes and consequences over the past five years (Part Two),   Eric Reeves   | 29 Oct 2016
Amnesty International Report on Chemical Weapons Use in Jebel Marra: UN and African Union Responses,   Eric Reeves   | 11 Oct 2016
Genocidal Counter-Insurgency in Darfur Continues: Amnesty International reports on Khartoum's Jebel Marra offensive,   Eric Reeves   | 30 Sep 2016
What to make of Khartoum’s conspicuous use of chemical weapons, most recently against civilians in Jebel Marra Darfur? This is not a new question,   Eric Reeves   | 29 Sep 2016
Darfur Detainees and the U.S.—Betraying Those Who Would Speak Truth to Power,   Eric Reeves   | 24 Sep 2016
Darfur and U.S. Presidential Campaigns: Making Genocide Disappear ​ ​ (with a “Political Postscript”),   Eric Reeves   | 16 Sep 2016
This is Genocide: “[Khartoum Regime Vice-President] Hassabo told us to clear the area east of Jebel Marra. To kill any male. He said we want to clear the area of insects”,   Eric Reeves   | 07 Sep 2016
They Have Been Expediently Abandoned: Those “detained” for meeting with Obama administration Envoy Donald Booth remain jailed by NISS,   Eric Reeves   | 05 Sep 2016
Khartoum Denies Its Security Services Detained Those Interviewed by U.S. Envoy Donald Booth in Darfur: How will the Obama administration respond?,   Eric Reeves   | 17 Aug 2016
U.S. Demands Release of Darfuris Arrested for Daring to Meet with Obama’s Special Envoy,   Eric Reeves   | 14 Aug 2016
Arrests in Darfur by Khartoum’s security forces continue to increase in the wake of interviews given by displaced persons to visiting Obama administration Special Envoy for the Sudans,   Eric Reeves   | 09 Aug 2016
"U.S. Special Envoy Donald Booth in Khartoum—and Darfur: Consequences and Responsibilities",   Eric Reeves   | 01 Aug 2016
Despairing 14-year old Boy Commits Suicide in Darfur Camp: Suffering from which international eyes remain averted,   Eric Reeves   | 28 Jul 2016
Another Ceasefire Declaration by Khartoum, More Expedient International Celebration -- What implications for Darfur?,   Eric Reeves   | 29 Jun 2016
"The Journey of Two Journalists Into Darfur's Forgotten War," Nuba Reports | May 5, 2016,   Eric Reeves   | 05 May 2016

Detecting and Understanding Early & Acting Properly to Prevent

Sudan, Sudanese, and the U.S. Presidential Election: Donald Trump is a clear and present danger to all immigrants,   Eric Reeves   | 06 Nov 2016

South Kordofan/ Nuba Mountains

IRIN (integrated Regional Information Networks) Reports on Chemical Weapons Use by Khartoum in the Nuba Mountains,   Eric Reeves   | 11 Oct 2016
Politicizing Humanitarian Relief: The International Community Continues to Accept Khartoum’s Humanitarian Blockade in the Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile,   Eric Reeves   | 20 Jun 2016
The Obama Administration, Counter-terrorism Intelligence, and Khartoum’s National Islamic Front/National Congress Party Regime: A brief retrospective glance‏,   Eric Reeves   | 14 May 2016
"The Massacre of the Children of Heiban: Make it the Last Crime of the Sudanese Government’s Aerial Bombardments"‏,   Eric Reeves   | 13 May 2016

South Sudan

A Retraction: Concerning Riek Machar and a possible coup in Juba,   Eric Reeves   | 14 Jul 2016
Riek Machar, Fighting in South Sudan, and the Issue of Responsibility,   Eric Reeves   | 12 Jul 2016
A Coup in the Making in South Sudan - led by Riek Machar,   Eric Reeves   | 11 Jul 2016