This page contains documents related to prevention - activities, policies, publications, etc

File GW_Countries_at_Risk_book_updated_9_May_2012_1_.doc
Genocide Watch's Countries at Risk Profiles - May 2012
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File Thesaurus_Glossary_Early_Warning_and_Conflict_Prevention-Alex_Schmid.doc
Alex Schmid, Thesaurus and Glossary on Early Warning and Conflict Prevention Terms (London: FEWER, 2000)
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File Y_Bauer_Comments on the Current State of Genocide Prevention Efforts.doc28/03/12 10:51 pm33 KB
File Why Save Darfur Didn't Save Darfur 2012.doc
by Gregory Stanton
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File Genocide Watch - Syria.pdf
Genocide and Mass Atrocity Warning: Syria, Genocide Watch, June 7, 2011
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File PolitorbisRiskAssessments.110.doc
Barbara Harff (2010) “How to Use Global Risk Assessments to Anticipate and Prevent Genocide”, Poloitorbis, special issue on “Today’s Conversations about Genocide Prevention,” January.
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File PolorbisPreventionEssay.110.doc
Ted Robert Gurr (2010) “Options for the Prevention and Mitigation of Genocide: Strategies and Examples for Policy-Makers”, Poltiorbis, special issue on “Today’s Conversations about Genocide Prevention,” January 2010.
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File BulgarianGenocideGPANet.N09.doc
Who Rescued Bulgaria’s Jews? A Review Essay, Ted Robert Gurr, From The Institute for the Study of Genocide Newsletter, No. 38 (Spring 2007), pp. 8-12
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File StockholmForumPreventionEssay.104.doc
Options for the Prevention of Genocide: Strategies and Examples for Policy-Makers, Ted Robert Gurr, Stockholm International Forum 2004, 26-28 January Proceedings. Preventing Genocide: Threats and Responsibilities. Workshop Track 3, Prevention: Polisy Instruments and Responses, Session II: Lessons Learned from Success, pp. 183-184.
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File GPANet 2009 Annual Meeting in Caux Switzerland - A Summary.doc18/06/09 10:05 am26.5 KB
File Prevention of Genocide - Report of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (advanced unedited version - Feb 2009)25/03/09 5:10 pm86.34 KB
File Barabara Harff. 2003. "No Lessons Learned from the Holocaust - Assessing Risks of Genocide and Political Mass Murder since 1955". American Political Science Review 97.1 (Feb 2003) 57-7317/12/08 4:41 pm176.38 KB
File Report of the Secretary-General on UN Genocide prevention efforts (19 Feb 2009)25/03/09 5:15 pm80.65 KB
File Barbara Harff and Ted Gurr, "Systematic Early Warning of Humanitarian Emergencies." Journal of Peace Research 35.5 (Sep 1998) 551-57917/12/08 4:47 pm3.84 MB