The Massive Hypocrisy of President Trump on Refugee Issues Should Not Obscure Europe's


Eric Reeves | May 5, 2017  |

The disgusting xenophobia and massive hypocrisy of the Trump administration in responding to the world's refugee crisis should not obscure just how appalling Europe has become in responding to refugee issues. The hypocrisy is on full display in a dispatch today from Radio Dabanga:

UN, EU call for protection of journalists on World Press Freedom Day

Radio Dabanga, May 4, 2017 | NEW YORK / BRUSSELS

"By facilitating the free flow of quality and well-researched information on matters of public interest, and by acting as the ‘public's watchdog,' independent media are the basis of a participatory democracy..." | EU High Representative Frederica Mogherini


EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Federica Mogherini

What disgusting hypocrisy! Mogherini was named by Germany's Der Spiegel one year ago as declaring her support for a project will strengthen the repressive hand of the brutal Khartoum regime:

"Europe want[s] to send cameras, scanners and servers for registering refugees to the Sudanese regime in addition to training their border police and assisting with the construction of two camps with detention rooms for migrants. The German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development has confirmed that action plan is binding..."

Was Mogherini aware that this assistance would essentially be assistance to the National Intelligence and Security Services?  and thus a deal with the devil in stanching the flow of African migrants to Europe?

"The ambassadors of the 28 European Union member states had agreed to secrecy. ‘Under no circumstances should the public learn what was said at the talks that took place on March 23rd, the European Commission warned during the meeting of the Permanent Representatives Committee. A staff member of EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Federica Mogherini even warned that Europe's reputation could be at stake."

So much for "facilitating the free flow of quality and well-researched information on matters of public interest."

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Eric Reeves, Senior Fellow at Harvard University's François-Xavier Bagnoud Center for Health and Human Rights


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