Comments of particular importance from leaked minutes of senior-level meeting of Khartoum officials, October 11, 2015‏


Comments of particular importance from leaked minutes of senior-level meeting of Khartoum officials, October 11, 2015

  تسريب جديد لمحضر اجتماع بين كبار المسؤولين السودانيين في اكتوبر الماضي وتفاصيل خطيرة

Eric Reeves, 27 January 2016

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Of particular note are the comments of:

Adam al-Faki, Governor of South Darfur State, concerning the "burden" UNAMID creates for the regime as well his ominous remark: "The displaced camps and NGOs [international humanitarian organizations] pose a direct threat to national security."

Hamid Siddig, Deputy Islamic Movement Chairman for Organizational Affairs"The Islamic Movement will not hand over power to anybody and we shall fight to the last man. We will not surrender and we will not allow formation of any transitional government. It's the Islamic Movement's idea to call for the National Dialogue..." "[W]e must crush the rebellion this year whatever the cost. We are not going to succumb to any blackmailing or bargaining by anybody."

President al-Bashir"We must use all means to evict UNAMID by the end of this year."

  • Other comments of note by al-Bashir:

"...we decided to separate the South because the cost of ruling it was high and because of the heterogeneous nature of the population. We expected that if the South broke away, it would not continue as a state but split into small villages. The so-called Sudan Revolutionary Forces are no longer in Darfur. We shall expel UNMID from Darfur against their will; in the end, they will leave Darfur of their own accord. We shall make it hell for them, so it is just a matter of time."

"Al-Sisi of Egypt is antagonistic towards us because he feels we are against him. He is trying to provoke us, but we will ignore him. We shall continue to support the Muslim Brothers and host them.... We won't chase the Muslim Brothers from our country for the sake of al-Sisi or America."

"For [making life hell] for UNAMID we have many options." [NB: there is overwhelming evidence that the majority of the most deadly attacks on UNAMID since January 2008 have been at the hands of militia forces working hand-in-glove with Khartoum and its SAF; see | - ER]

"All of what you have said is agreed upon, and you must continue with the general mobilization, open more training camps, arrange to provide food for the Mujahidin, building the National Congress Party as a party for the purpose of the liberation of the whole land from the hands of the rebellion, peacefully or militarily."

•  One comment in these minutes stands out, suggesting that Khartoum is preparing to use "dirty" nuclear weapons:

Adam Jamma Adam, Governor of Kassala State:

"In coordination with the Military Industrial Corporation we have started to transport radioactive materials containers [from northeastern Sudan], which are likely to explode [?], to Jabel Um-Ali, with the aim of using them to make bombs and missiles for aerial bombardment and artillery shelling."

  • Many comments speak of a national military mobilization, evident most conspicuously in Darfur, but elsewhere in Sudan as well. Sudan is a nation continually in preparation for further war:

Mirghani Salih, Governor of Gedaref State:

"We have also formed committees to reorganize the party and recruit more students to membership in the National Congress Party. We mobilized youths and women to prepare food for the fighters in the coming dry season military offensive. We are also encouraging youths to enlist by joining the military service [Sudan Armed Forces], the Popular Defense Forces, and the Rapid Support Forces."

Mohamed Hamid al-Balla, Governor of River Nile State:

"All the military barracks are ready to move on order. I paid a visit to the training centers of the Rapid Support Forces, the Popular Defense Forces, the National Service, and the artillery units and found an advanced kind of training taking place."

Abdel-Hamid Musa Kasha, Governor of White Nile State:

"Our borders with the South are secured, and our forces are on standby. The training camps have graduated many men for the Rapid Support Forces, the Sudan Armed Forces, and the police; meanwhile, mobilization is still ongoing because our state is near the war that is raging in the South."

"Additionally, we have a force ready to move to the operational areas of South Kordofan."

Eisa Abbaka, Governor of South Kordofan State:

"We have managed to conscript thousands of the sons of the displaced people [of South Kordofan] and take them to training camps, because they know the nature of the terrain of the area [the Nuba Mountains]. We will give amnesty to anyone who voluntarily returns from rebellion."

  • Other comments speak to assisting Riek Machar and the SPLA/In Opposition politically and militarily, thus making peace in South Sudan more difficult to achieve:

Hussein Yasin, Governor of Blue Nile State:

[In order to "crush the rebels" in Blue Nile State-the SPLA/North--], "we must coordinate with Riek Machar [and the] governors of Upper Nile State, this in return for their access to development resources from us."

President al-Bashir:

"After the implementation of the agreement [with South Sudan? - ER] we must coordinate with Dr. Riek Machar and the governors in Upper Nile State to help us monitor the border line [with South Sudan].

  • Khartoum's relationship with and encouragement of radical Islam are also revealed in many comments:

Al-Daw al-Mahi, Governor of Sinnar State:

"The membership of the Islamic Movement is increasing and the training of the cadre and future leaders is continuing."

Mohamed Tahi Eila, Governor of Gezira State:

"[To face coming challenges, we have been] opening training camps for fighters and instill in their minds the spirit of Jihad and martyrdom..."

Abdel Rahim Mohamed Hussein, Govern of Khartoum State (indicted by the International Criminal Court for massive crimes against humanity in Darfur while Minister of the Interior and Defense Minister):

"We are also working to restructure the National Congress Party, the Islamic Movement, and the guidance council with the aim of creating a crusader generation, one that is ready to sacrifice for the sake of religion and the country. All the training camps are open to increase the numbers of police and other special forces to protect the national capital and its strategic national installations."



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